What we do

• Scientific research is being carried out in every subject of life including business related matters. From decades business magnates and industrialists have appointed and taking services of Legal and Financial Consultants in order to enrich business

• Nowadays in developed nations, most companies / organizations and individuals appoint and take services of Image Building consultants to enhance, project and amplify the image of their Brand, Product and Personalities

• On the same footnote we present our expert services for your brand, project,org and personality as an Image Building Consultants

We provide Consultancy Services in below mentioned capacities

• Image Building / Brand Consultancy Wing

I. Image building action plan
II. Graphic designing
III.Sales promotion techniques
IV. Cost management
V. Event management

• Visual Production Wing

I. HR training documentaries
II. Export oriented documentaries
III.Commercial Ads
IV. Public messages

• Electoral Campaign Designing Wing

Image Building of Candidates at Constituency Level
a. Pre-election
b. During election
“Catalyst Campaign for Candidates of MNA & MPA”